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Virtual Insanity

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Oct 10, 2018


Switch between two separate worlds, one full of destruction and the other full of hope, in order to solve puzzles and make it forward within the game. As you move through the world, you will need to switch between the two and see what changes around you. Sometimes you will find buttons to push, trees that grew in the way, or platforms that aren't in the other world. See if you can make it through this strange reality.

This game is a series of levels I've been doing for game jams, which is why the levels are all very different and experimental. The levels are in the same order in the game as the order I made them in so hopefully you'll be able to see how I've gotten better at making games between the levels. New levels will be added as I make them.

Update 10/12/2018 I've fixed the arrow keys and space bar scrolling as well as the music in the beginning.


WASD / up down left right = move
space / C / Z / P = change world
M = Mute

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