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The Secret of Tetrapylae

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Jul 10, 2019


This point-and-click adventure is set in a dark fantasy world akin to the middle east in the crusader era. You are a bastard son of a prominent noble in search of wealth and glory in an imminent war. Some unexpected events interrupt your journey, and set you on a quest to uncover an ancient secret. Will you be up to the task?

Use your mouse to search for clues and interact with the game area. Exits are are not explicitly marked. Search for them near the edges of the game area and on obvious features like doorways, stairways, passages, etc.

The story and its ending are not explained in a straightforward manner. Instead the player can use many clues in the game to reconstruct what is really happenng (or use his imagination to make his own interpretation).


Explore the area with your mouse and left-click to interact.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes there are problems with starting the game in Firefox. In such case start the game standalone ( or use another browser.

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