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Alright, so I've been playing this game for two days now, and I've completed it twice, both on hard. But those don't have anything to do with this but oh well.
These are the missions that I've done and have had enough time to write some crap down for it.
So yeah, here we go.
1. After creating your character you'll be dropped into the game.
2. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.
3. Keep going right to get out of the area.
4. Kill all the zombies.
5. Search the first house for everything. Only grab things that are essential. Do NOT grab the worthless stuff, since yeah, it's worthless.
Task 1: Breaking Through - Find a way into Brookvale
1. If on Hard mode go to the safehouse and rest if you need to. Also serves as a great save spot.
2. You could go and talk to the people inside the safehouse but it's a waste of time. Also, search everything.
3. Go all the way to the right of the screen to find the survivor and Ed Boone. He will give you a quest. Follow the instructions and find Ray.
4. If you didn't follow the instructions he's at the blue house with the mailbox that says '12'.
5. Go inside, go upstairs and you'll find him. Search EVERYTHING, like I said, if on easy mode I found some money in the drawyers on the first floor.
6. Ray will tell you to go back to Ed, since he didn't have it. Go to Ed and continue the task.
7. He tells you to go get the bolt cutters himself. Go to house 14, the one with the dual garages. Go inside the house and go right, kill the zombies and search to the very far right, the bolt cutters should be there.
8. Go to Ed to turn in the task/quest thingy. You'll earn 300XP.
-New Map Area Unlocked-
Brookvale - Danger Level 4.

For now I'm going to keep going on this, but I'm still going to keep playing the game. If I missed something please reply and tell me!
I need help with this also, if you have any info tell me! And I'll include your username in the post.
Also, with people with issues with the game, take them somewhere else. This isn't a rant post.

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Sorry for the double post but I seriously did not know you couldn't edit the posts itself. Could I ask if one of the Admins or Mods merge my posts together if they can.
So here we go...
Note, SN=Side Note
Task 2: Get Home - Go to your apartment
1. After completion of Ed's task go to Brookvale.
2. You enter an area that starts with a pink house, you can search it if you want to. It wouldn't hurt.
SN: In Stans General Food you find Kelly, and the ability to get the task Help Kelly, if you finish it she will become your companion. I haven't done this yet but when I do I'll post it.
3. Go right, to the next area. You'll find another safe house. Take the ammo and essentials. Great place to save.
SN: Keep going and you'll see Darnel's Repairs. Go inside and then head downstairs and you'll find Darnel Brown, with the ability to get a task. I've skipped this because I wanted to finish the game, you can do it. First task is Heavy, man, in which after you're done you'll get a new weapon, there are more tasks after too.
4. Keep on going and you'll find the white building titled '868 Brookvale Heights'
5. Head on inside and go right, then go up the stairs, you'll have completed the task.
6. Still upstairs, go left and examine the note in blue writing. I'm not going to tell what it says, you'll find out later. You'll get a new task, that's all.

So there's number 2 for ya, I'll be adding more later.
Like I said I still need help, if I missed anything please tell me.

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Alright, skipping all the crap and going into this thing.
This will pop up:
-New Map Area Unlocked-
Canal Park - Danger Level 7
Task 3: Hospital - Find your husband/wife in Canal Park
1. Get out of the house.
2. Go all the way to the right and get out of the area. The map will come up, and head up to Canal Park.
SN: The first building that comes up is United Arms, in there you'll find Hank Morgan. He'll give you a task called Find Hanks Dads Rifle, the instructions say all.
3. Keep going to the right and head into the next area. You'll find the hospital, which is the first building that appears.
4. Go inside the hospital. And keep searching, another task will come back up.
Task 4: Searching - Find Bethany/Matt in the hospital
1. Still in the hospital, go to the right door. You'll see the yellow safehouse sign, follow it.
2. Keep on going right and kill all the zombies. In the next area, you'll find yourself in the room with an elevator. Kill all zombies, as always.
SN: In the elevator area, a zombie ambush comes up. When a section of the ceiling collapses and zombies come out. Beware.
3. After exiting the elevator area, you'll find yourself on Level Two.
4. Go left, you'll be going through 2 rooms.
5. In the Level 2 elevator, don't go down, go through the green door. Which is left.
6. You're in the Level 3 area, go right.
7. Keep going right, you should see a desk with the yellow safehouse sign on it.
8. You should see the hallway with the bloody bed thingy, and the Level 3 sign, keep going right.
9. Keep going right and you'll find yourself facing two doors, take the one at the far right wall. Which means you're going upstairs.
10. Go left and you'll find the hallway with the safehouse in it. Go inside.
11. Talk to Shenice Johnson.

Alrighty peeps that's another one.
Also, for those of you that are confused here are some simplified hospital directions: Right, left, left, right, right, right, right, left.

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- New Map Area Unlocked -
Newtown - Danger Level 9
Task 5: Get To Stadium - Work your way to the stadium
1. Alright get out of the safehouse and go right. DO NOT GO LEFT, it's just a dead end.
2. You'll be downstairs where the two green doors were. Take the one on the 'wall'.
3. You will find yourself on Level 2, keep going left past the two rooms.
4. Should find yourself in the hallway with the green exit sign facing left, go that direction.
SN: Zombie ambush reported.
5. You'll find yourself in the Level 2 elevator, drop down. You're going to be at Level 1. Go right.
6. Now in the lobby, exit the hospital and go right.
7. You should be in the area with the iRad poster on the wall, go right.
SN: Seeing the building 'King-O-P WN' you go inside and you'll find the king and his assortment of weapons. You can buy some weapons if you want, it might prove useful anyways.
8. Go right and you'll see the map come up. Go to Newtown.
Side Task: Security Failure - Find Richards
1. Now in Newtown, go to the safehouse, in the building called 'Union Security'
2. Talk to Todd Stephens, he'll give you a task.
3. Exit Union Security and go right.
4. Keep going right, and you'll see the subway, go inside.
5. Go riiiiiiiiiiiight, you should see the Modern Battlefield 4 sign. Note, the reason why I spelled right like that because it's kinda boring by itself.
6. Go ALL the way to the right to find Richards, he's dead and your character should have a talk bubble come up.
Note, to shorten this thing down I'm just going to say it easily.
7. Go back to Union Security and talk to Todd to turn it back in. Go to the right door and LOAD UP BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
9. If you did the Security task, go to the Subway. And no, I'm not talkin about the restaurant.
10. Go in the train and keep going right until you end up out of the train. You'll find the safehouse with the red door. Save there.
11. Keep going right and later you'll unlock a new map area.
- New Map Area Unlocked -
Uptown - Danger Level 11
12. Go to Uptown. Now in Uptown go right.
13. Keep going right, you should pass by the two HERC Security Guards. Keep gooooooooooooooin right.
14. When you reach the King-O-Pawn you'll see this:
- New Map Area Unlocked -
Stadium - Danger Level 10
15. Go to the Stadium.

Ok, this guide is just turning out to be a major bore fest of WORDS.
I'll probably make a Lite version after this one.

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do you know where is the h&h sewer
i have the key but donot know where the sewer

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Task 6: Registration - Check inside the stadium
1. Go through the big doors, and go right.
2. Keep going until you reach the guy in the Orange Biohazard suit at the desk. Talk to her.
3. Check the wall of names.
4. Go inside the blue doors.
5. Go to your right and talk to Barry Wilmott.
Task 7: Maintenance Room - Meet Barry in the mens room
1. Now then, go left and exit through the door.
2. Go right and find the mens bathroom
3. You know what to do, if you don't, go right.
Task 8: Conspiracy Theory - Investigate HERC command post
1. Go to the right, past the red door on the wall.
2. Go up the ladder.
3. Keep going right, when you reach the room with the Orange person coming at you shoot him/her.
4. Continue going right. Examine the note at the desk. If you go into the next room kill whoever is there and pick up the weapons.
5. Return to Barry.
Task 9: Another Castle - Go to the park in Uptown
1. If your still in the room with Barry, go right.
2. Keep going right until you reach a hallway with a door on the wall, and a dead end.
3. Go in the room and head down into the sewers.
4. Go all the way to the right and you'll reach the map. Go to Uptown.
5. Go aaaaaaaaaaaalllll the way right, you should see Barry after the 2 HERC Guards at the Harrison & Harrison.
6. Head on inside the building. And follow the yellow safehouse sign. Go inside the safehouse.
7. Talk to Barry.

Yeah, here goes another one.

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You're right.
At the same time it takes up space, so just use it and discard it.
But that's in my opinion.
This Guide is far from over, it's not perfect either.
Thanks for the tip.

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great guide well done

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For those that are constantly keeping up with this I'll have to take a few hours off.
The main reason because my internet connection in near failing, so until then...
Happy Hunting.

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Great, just great.
My saved game isn't there anymore. Heh, even when I was logged in! This has happened three times now, so now everything is now at FULL STOP.
Am I frustrated? Naw. Now I can look toward my guide to help me...again. So yeah people, I'm going to have to start all over again, which is kinda disappointing.
More updates will follow soon.

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This happened to me as well. I finished the game but when I decided to go back, the savegame just vanished so I couldn't earn more achievements. It sux though.

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When I'm playing this, i feel like i'm playing Fallout 3, InFamous, and Nazi Zombies allllll at the same time. hmm.

What a combo!

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Back to business.

Task 10: Break Out - Find Bethany/Matt in Union Park
1. After talking with Barry go to your left, there should be a door on the ground that leads to the sewers, go down.
2. Now in the sewers, go left and go through the red door.
3. Go to the next red door to the left.
4. Since now you're in the hallway with the nasty bricks, keep on going left. Go up the ladder.
5. Now you're on the surface, kill anyone/anything that's in your way. You can search the HERC tents for weapons. And go all the way left until you've exited the area.
6. When you've reached the next area, you should see a bunch of body bags when you go left. Go to the first building/tent.
7. Talk to your lover/partner.
8. Get the keys on the wall.
9. Now it's time to get the hell out of dodge. Or in simpler terms, get out the way you came in.

Task 11: Seabound - Find a boat to escape
1. By now you should've gotten back to the safehouse where Barry was.
2. Talk to Barry.
3. Get out of the safehouse and go right.
4. In the next area keep on going right until you reach the end of the way, there should be the map thingy.
5. Go to the Docks.
6. The first area you're in you go all the way right.
7. In the next area it the first thing you should see is the wooden boards on the building. Keep on truckin right until you see the red safehouse door.
8. Go inside and talk to Jack.
9. Talk to jack again, he should have a task.

Side Task: Military Base - Enter the base
1. Go out of the safehouse, and go all the way right until you meet the map thingy.
2. Go to Waterside.
3. You can go right and go into the Church safehouse, great place to save.
4. If you don't go in the safehouse keep on heading on to the right.
5. The next area should start with the building that says Private Parking. Go right, the base entrance should be there.
6. When you reach the base you can either go left or right. I suggest that you go left, to the first building, it has the key to the Weps Cage.
7. So after searching all the buildings get out of the base and head back to Jack and the other survivors.
8. Talk to Jack and complete the task.

Task 12: Tear It Down - Go to the wall
1. Get out of the safehouse and go all the way right. When I say that I mean go ALLLL the way right until you reach Jack and the wall.
2. Go through the wall and go go Union Island.
4. When you reach Jack go right and get in the boat.
5. Sit back and relax.

This concludes the game.
I might get the survival kit soon, so keep watch for that.
So ya, this is just a rough draft of this stuff, I'm going to haul some major *** to re-do everything.
Until then, have a nice day!
That, and you can thank me.

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HELP KELLY - the glasses lay's on floor next to cash desk right side (in the store, Kelly is in the storage)

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jarcher that is very true i found it out when the game was out and i completed it 3 times it was a bit hard to kill most of the zombies well i also bought the kit it did help me get on with the game and the wepons got ammo without having to find them so jarcher you may have helped people what did not know about the quest if you are at the hospital where you have to find bethany do not go to the right because there are alot of zombies there in all the rooms so go right and keep on going up the stairs if you see the elivator DO NOT USE IT!!
Because it will take you all the war down to the first floor and your going to have to kill the zombies again and on flat 2 there is a locked door there i recomend you do pick it because there are medical suplies there to help you get along the mission.That is all i want to say so goodbye.

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I said i mistake "war" what i ment to say was "way"

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