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well.....iv'e spent weeks and weeks killing zombies in the game endless zombie rampage 2. it is the part 2 of the game endless zombie rampage and it has more features. so i hooked up this guide by myself so please read it.

Endless Zombie Rampage 2....
-you wake up on an old parking lot one night. the first thing you see is a man who looks like he is 40 years old (:P). he hands you a handgun and makes you stay with him. to do that you need to go out on mission and rescue survivors, pick-up supply boxes, or just go on killing sprees.

there are 8 diff types of zombies your going to encounter....

1.Walker-a normal and slow zombie. it has a very blue colored shirt and bleed around it. it is not very smart and it is very slow. easy to kill.

2.Runner-same as the walker only that it wears a blue green shirt. it too much proximity will make this guy run to you when your too near. easy to defeat, but has a slight higher health than the walker.

3.Blood Stinger-a very dangerous zombie. it is very big, has many health, and its slow (). it was an arm that has been tipped with the radioactive blood. it shoots its blood at you attempting to kill you with radioactivity. approach with caution.

4.Behemoth-a very big zombie. it has lots of health and it walks slowly. it is just like the blood stinger but it does not shoot blood. it, instead, walks at you and attempts to plunge its sharp "hand" at you. approach with caution.

5.Spider-a very quick and deadly bug that has been infected. it goes to you at a very fast speed and bites you. dangerous in groups but easy to kill when alone.

6.Mother Spider-the breeding hive of spiders. infected by the infection, the mother spider sends out little spiders at you when it is killed. very easy to beat though.

7.Exploder-a nuclear reacted zombie. upon its death, it blows up and spills radioactive blood everywhere. keep your distance.

8.Nuclear Swarmer-the strongest zombie ever. as the ground breaks and cracks, a green nuclear waste emerges from it and spawns zombies known as nuclear swarmers. nuclear swarmers need to be hit with about 50-100 shots in order for them to die!! they are always in groups and they have massive loads of health. WARNING!!!

all in all, there are 14 weapons in EZR2...
(note: weapons with an * before their name means they have no special upgrades)

1.Handgun-the weakest weapon of them all. this is your starter weapon and it can be upgraded to splitting bullets.

2.Magnum-stronger than the handgun, the magnum is a very strong weapon but has a slow reload time. it can be upgraded to explosive bullets.

3.Shotgun-the weapon of the "oldies". this thing kicks the zombies a**. it has slow reload rate though. it can be upgraded to gauss bullets.

4.*Submachinegun-a very fast firing weapon. although its has a very weak damage it is still enough to OWN some zombies.

5.Assault Rifle-same as the submachinegun but it is more bigger ans stronger than submachinegun. this baby pwns zombies real fast and has a good reload rate. can be upgraded to ultra reload.

6.*Auto Shotgun-same as the shotgun but its bigger. this has a really fast fire rate and has a slow reload time.

7.Light Machinegun-a machinegun but a little bigger. this has a very good fire rate and its reload in decent. can be upgraded to bullet hose.

8.*Sniper Rifle-a very strong, slow firing gun. its reload is slow but it kills most zombies in one shot.

9.Grenade Launcher-a very big gun that shoots giant grenades at zombie making their blood and body spill everywhere. can be upgraded to cluster grenades.

10.*Gauss Rifle-a rifle that fires a very concentrated blue light at zombies. very strong and very long reload.

11.Rocket Launcher-fires a rocket that kills any zombie in one hit. it has a super long reload. can be upgraded to triple rockets.

12.*Laser Cannon-same as the gauss rifle but has a slight more damage. it fires a beam of pure energy to zombies and ban kill them in one shot.

13.*Turret Gun-a placeable turret gun. it can be used as a last resort if zombies are crowding you. can only be used once so use it wisely.

14.*Flamethrower-A very decent weapon that fires flaming oil at the enemies. has a very decent damage.

survivors(according to when they appear)

1.Business Man
2.Fat Lady
3.Beer Drunk Lady
4.African American Dude
5.Goth Girl

Major Upgrades:

1.Damage Increase
2.Reload Time

Weapon Upgrades:

1.Splitting Bullets-Handgun
2.Exploding Bullets-Magnum
3.Ultra Reload-Assault Rifle
4.Bullet Hose-Light Machinegun
5.Gauss Bullets-Shotgun
6.Cluster Grenades-Cluster Grenades
7.Triple Rockets-Rocket Launcher

Character Upgrades:

1.Marathon Man-increases running speed
2.Marksman-rotates faster to aim at zombies
3.Assisted Aiming-laser sight
4.Brawler-max health is 100 (max health is before brawler is only 50)
5.Half Dose-Health packs recover 50 hp
6.Overkill-5 additional exp per kill if unnecessary force is used.


1.EXP-used as money to buy upgrades and weapons.
2.Health Pack-heals you. (i don't know how yo use T_T)
3.Parking Lot-where you start :P

thats the guide....if you want to play the game play it here:

thanks for reading. if there is mistakes or wrongs in my guide. please comment me.

^_^ leaderjoseph

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Lol walkthrough collaboration xD

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Imo laser rifle is the best, because it does medium damage, have medium fire rate, reload speed and its capability to penetrate enemies, so you can kill multiple with one shot..Its easy to get when you just complete all ´´search for survivors´´ missions in a row (you get laser about after 3rd mission if I remember right).

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So Thank You This Helped A LOT!! xD!

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The turret does reload, at least for me, but only after the turret is destroyed. I have replaced the turret at least twice after its destruction.

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