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This is my speed bio legend run. Though I know that most people use speed bio for zones 6-7, I haven't come across a guide that used speed to get through zones 1-5, and so I decided to make one. I would also like to give a big shout out to Soccerdude2 for basing my speed bio on his strength bio guide. And yes, I know that it is 2015, but later is better than never! I would also like to point out that bio is the hardest class to get legend with, but in my opinion, the most fun.

Gear: The most important specs for gear: 1. Speed 2. Vitality 3. Strength 4: Instinct. The reason why Strength is so low is because most of our damage will be coming from speed.

Ability Points

Once you beat the 1st fight (not the tutorial if you played it) Respec to give yourself 19 ability points. Put 10 into Vitality and 9 into speed. After that, split points between strength and speed until level 10. If you have an odd number of ability points (ex: 3), put more in speed and less in strength. From level 10 on, put all ability points into speed.

With this guide, the achievements you should get:

The Tape



Jail Break


Old Ghosts

Over the Ashes

Zone 1: New Alcatraz, The Iron Prison

Level 1: Integrity 4/4 Viscous Strike 1/4
Level 2: Break 1/2
Level 3: Disrupt 1/2
Level 4: Disrupt 2/2
Level 5: Adrenaline 1/3
Level 6: Slash 1/4

Ability reel at levels 1-6: Destroy, Leading Strike, Viscous strike (2), Break, Adrenaline, Disrupt (2)

Prison Guard: Easy. I don't think it is possible to lose on this fight

Prison Guard (2): Easy again. Alternate between leading Strike and Destroy

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: Again, no problem

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict, Cunning Convict: Easy. The cunning convict can heal himself (and others, I think). Put Veradux on relentless and kill him first.

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard (2): Again, easy. Kill the doctor first. If he uses Mutant injection, attack the guard that got transformed

Twisted Experiment: Somewhat difficult, and also very annoying. Since we don't have Adrenaline yet, it can get difficult if he gets the annoying double turn from shadow form. Just use disrupt to dispel it, along with withdrawl. If you get his weapon, equip it. If not, oh well, it doesn't matter.

The Warden: A lot less difficult than the previous battle, since now we have Adrenaline. If you have the Guard's baton, you should have more health than veradux. If not, it doesn't matter much. Stun him the first time, than keep Adrenaline on Veradux and keep him on Defensive. Since The Warden usually attacks the person with less health, try and stack the adrenaline modifiers on Veradux (only if you have less health than him). After that, it is pretty easy. If he uses death Sentence on you, put Veradux on Relentless, and he should be able to kill him

I would heavily recommend getting Persecution from this for yourself, as this weapon will be used until the end of zone 2. To do this, turn autosave off, save the game, and beat him. If you get Persecution, turn autosave back on and save. If not, than quit the game, and start the battle over again, and repeat until you get the weapon.

ZPCI: Another annoying battle. Use disrupt whenever he uses Aim for the Heart, and when he uses Auxiliary Power.

Felicity: This battle is a lot longer. Equip two more disrupts and remove your two viscous strikes. Keep disrupting her so she can't use black metal, as that can't be dispelled. Keep Veradux on Tactical until she is uses Serious Business, then put him on Defensive and keep him on Adrenaline. This battle again is just long rather than hard.

Congratulations, you got The Tape!

Zone 2: Oberursel, The Frozen Village

Level 7: Slash 2/4
Level 8: Slash 3/4
Level 9: Sharp Senses 1/4
Level 10: Shadow Blend 1/4
Level 11: Shadow Blend 2/4

Level 7-9 ability bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt (2), Adrenaline (2), Slash (2), Break

Level 10-11 ability bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt (2), Adrenaline, Slash (2), Break, Shadow Blend

Note: From this point on, you should keep Vera on Defensive/Phalanx all the time

Frost Zombie: Easy. Both your Disrupt and Veradux's Electro Bolt can dispel Recuperation.

Roald, Insurgent: You get Roald, along with some nice back story

Frost Zombie (2), Frost Terror. A tough battle, but not horrible. Keep Roald on Tactical so that he can use Greater Purpose. Once you take out one of the frost Zombies, the battle becomes much easier.

Knight: Easy. If you didn't get Persecution, get his weapon.

Knight, Priest: The Priest is annoying for the other two classes, but luckily, we have disrupt. Use it on the Priest so that he stuns himself, and then go ham on the Priest. Once he is down, go for the Knight. The Knight sometimes casts Guard, which is annoying because it sometimes resists dispelling. In any case, this battle is easy. I would also recommend getting Light's Will (the Priest's weapon) as this is a great weapon for Veradux.

Frost Lord: Another easy battle. Use disrupt whenever he recuperates or reconstructing. The only tough part is if he casts mind freeze on Vera. Additionally, to prevent him from using Reconstruct, keep him below 60 focus.

Mage, Priest, Knight: Your second challenge. Disrupt the Priest and then kill him. Don't worry about if the knight shield's the priest, because he will shield the mage. Keep Vera on Adrenaline, and stack it if someone is low on health. Once the priest is down, focus on the Mage. He might use Energy Phase, which means that he hurts and gets hurt a lot more. By now you should have Shadow Blend, so you will be hitting for a lot more too. Once the Mage is down, get the Knight. If you get Fiery Doom, give it to Vera. If not, it shouldn't matter too much.

Mage (2), Knight: One of the hardest fights in the game. Switch out a Disrupt for Adrenaline. If a character gets double doomed from the start, just hope that they don't get focused down. Focus the bottom mage first as the knight seems to like to guard the top one. Try to keep Vera stacked with Adrenaline. Once the bottom mage is down, this battle becomes much easier. Focus the top one and then the knight.

Cult Leader: Go back to the level 10 ability bar. This battle is more long than hard. His attacks scale off of focus, so disrupting him helps from his ~800 damage attacks when he is at full focus. Once he is at ~2000 health, he reveals himself as the baron. If you get his weapon, equip it. If not, it doesn't matter much.

The Baron: This guy is honesty a joke for Biological. Equip 2 more disrupts, replacing Shadow blend and a Slash and go to town Disrupting him. Replay this for Unholy Runeblade.

Mage, Knight, Priest: Its weird because in sonny 1, the knight was the same guy who beat the baron. In any case, there is no fighting.

ZPCI, Blood Hound (2): With Roald on the Unholy Runeblade, this battle shouldn't be too tough. Just attack one of the hounds first, then the next, using disrupt whenever the ZPCI uses Aim for the Heart or Auxiliary Power. Make sure not to die, because if you do, Roald and Veradux won't be able to take out the ZPCI alone.

Captain Hunt: This battle is tough. Use Disrupt whenever the sniper buffs himself. If the Medic tries to heal him when the shield has broke, then use Break on the Medic. Try to break the Sniper's shield before it gets down to 4, and then kill him before, or the turn when the shields run out. When the shields are down to turn 3, Hunt will start using Marked for Death, which increases all damage received by 100%, and it stacks. After the Shields are gone, he will alternate between Marked for Fire and Marked for Death. If Hunt kills you when he is the last one left, Vera and Roald should be able to take him out easily. It just might take awhile.

Congratulations, you just got Predator!

Zone 3: The Ivory Train

Level 12: Shadow Blend 3/4
Level 13: Shadow Blend 4/4
Level 14: Slash 4/4

Level 12-14 Ability Bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt (2), Adrenaline, Slash (2), Break, Shadow Blend

Spectre: Easy. Replay this until you get Annihilation. It is a great weapon for Roald. Once you hit level 13, give yourself Unholy Runeblade. This is the weapon you will be using until level 21

ZPCI (2). Another easy battle. Disrupt whenever they use Aim for the Heart or Auxiliary Power.

Spectre (2): Easy. Notice how hard you are hitting with 400% bonus speed?
Don't let it get to your head!

Protagonist, Antagonist, Beast: Kill the purple one, then the red one, then the blue one. Shouldn't be too difficult with your damage output.

The Hobo: Keep giving Veradux Adrenaline and keep hitting the Hobo. Shouldn't be too hard.

The Real Hobo: This guy is kind of a joke, but if Roald silences him, he might start using his normal attack, and this guy hits HARD.

The Host: use Break when he uses Dark Rage. This guy either drops a very high vitality hat, or a high speed armor. Choose which one you want.

Spectre (3): Again, not that difficult. Go for the lower health ones first. Their Faithless debuff actually makes you receive 40% less healing rather than deal it.

Clemons: Turn Autosave off as this guy is a goldmine for good items. Put both Roald and Vera on Relentless until Unknown Condition (Subversion) wears off. This guy has some nasty abilities. When he casts shadow form, Disrupt him. Eventually, he will reveal himself, which heals him to full and makes him receive 200% more damage. I would recommend replaying this until you get Shandor's Darkstaff for Vera.

Zone 4: Labyrinth of Illusions

Level 15: Endurance 1/4
Level 16: Crystallize 1/3
Level 17: Crystallize 2/3
Level 18: Crystallize 3/3

Level 15-17 ability bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt (2), Adrenaline, Slash (2), Break, Shadow Blend

Level 18 Ability Bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt, Adrenaline, Slash (2), Break, Shadow Blend, Crystallize

Tunnel Beast: Easy. Vera should be healing a lot more with Shandor's Darkstaff, but keep Adrenaline on him. Watch out for Jungular Grasp, which reduces your Physical Defense by 80%. Vera can dispel that though.

Vivian Vixen. Unless you are a Psychological class or Hydraulic class, you can't prevent her from going into her true form. Still an easy battle.

Gregor: I hate this little *******. Luckily, he is very easy on Biological. Take out both your slashes and replace them with disrupts. Again, you should get first turn, so you shouldn't have to deal with that dreaded Roach Vitality. Let Roald and Vera do the damage.

Mokoshotar: Whenever one of your characters gets hit with Were-wolf, put them on Relentless. It's an easy battle.

Bunny: This guy hits HARD. Take out one of your disrupts and put in Adrenaline. Whenever he casts holy hand grenade, buff yourself with Shadow blend (if it's up) because that will give you a double turn. When you have one turn left on Shadow Blend, break so that the Bunny can't hit twice and kill one of your characters. Pretty straightforward.

Flower Zombie: Turn autosave off to get the white jeans (or whatever they are called.) Whenever he uses good trip, disrupt to dispel it. If he uses tye dye, put Vera on Relentless so that he doesn't heal your characters to death. Other than that, an easy battle.

Hydra, Fire Claw (2). The fire claws have an above average physical defense, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Kill them then focus on the hydra. If you get Emerald Death, equip it for Roald. If not, it doesn't matter.

After the fight, go back and buy the Black ops Armor for yourself.

Tunnel Worker (3): Give yourself and Roald the helmets. If Vera doesn't have a good hat with instinct, than give him the mining hat too. Also, give Roald the shirt.

Zone 5: Hew, The Dystopia

Level 19: Evolution 1/3
Level 20: Evolution 2/3
Level 21: Evolution 3/3

Level 19-21 Ability bar: Leading Strike, Disrupt, Adrenaline, Slash (2), Break, Shadow Blend, Crystallize

A quick note: I'm not gonna lie, the first half of this zone is absolute hell for a speed bio. The second have is insanely easy.

Riot Police. Replay this for his weapon. Should be easy enough. Use disrupt or break whenever he uses perfect aim.

Riot Police, Blood Hound: Another easy battle. Crystallize the Riot police while you go for the Blood Hound. Remember to use break for the last turn of Shadow Blend unless you can get a killing blow.

Secret Police (2): Crystallize one and attack the other. Their state of the art armor is for whatever reason insanely hard to dispel.

Police Colonel: Crystallize when he first uses Guns Blazing. After that, whenever he uses guns blazing, Reloading should be right after. Some people have a lot of trouble against this guy. It's pretty straightforward.

Felicity: You basically get her on your team. Switch her out for Roald, and equip her with the Riot Gun. After that, equip her with Roald's gear and if you can get better gear for her from the shop, than do so.

Care Taker, Blood Hounds (2): With Felicity on your team, this shouldn't be too hard. Crystallize the top Hound as that is the one the Caretaker buffs. You should be hitting the bottom Hound for a lot by now. Once the bottom Hound is dead, Crystallize the Caretaker and kill the top Hound. Then kill the Caretaker.

Riot Police (2) Android Guard: These guys are the ones I have had the most trouble against. Crystallize the top Riot Police, Disrupt the Android Guard, and then just keep pummeling the bottom Riot Police. It may take awhile, but once he is down, then crystallize the Android Guard and work on the other Riot Police. Once he is down, the battle is pretty much over.

Specialist, Android Guard (2): Crystallize the Specialist because he can cast black metal and Chloroform, which stuns you for 3 turns. Focus on one of the Android Guards, then the next. It is a little difficult, but once one of the guards is down, the fight is pretty easy. Take out Break and put in another Disrupt if you need to.

Mayor, ZPCI Ambassador: you scared yet mayor?

City Council: There are two ways you can go at this. You can either try and bring them down at the same time so that neither of them cast State of Emergency and utterly destroy you, or you can go with the six turn kill. To do this, respec, put all points in speed, and your abilities should look like this: 4/4 Withdraw, 4/4 Corrosion, 1/1 Predator Form, 3/3 Agile Exposure, 4/4 Shadow Blend, 2/3 Crystallize. Your ability bar should look like this: Withdraw, Agile exposure, Predator Form, Corrosion, Shadow Blend, Crystallize (2), Leading Strike. Start by using Corrosion on one of them, Predator Form, Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, Withdraw. That should one of them. After that, Crystallize the other one and use leading strike until you are back at 100 focus. Once Withdraw is back up, use Corrosion, Shadow Form, Agile Exposure, and Withdraw to kill the second one. After that, Respec again, putting 10 points in Vitality, and the rest in Speed. Put in the Same abilities for the level 21 ability bar.

Buy the riot police gloves and the cyborg boots.

Specialist, Android Guard, Riot Police: Crystallize the Specialist, and kill the Riot Police. Then crystallize the Android Guard and kill the Specialist, and lastly the Android Guard.

Specialist: Blood Hound (2): This is a tough battle for most builds and all classes, but I didn't experience that much trouble with this. If the Specialist starts off with Black Metal on anyone or Chloroform on you, restart as the dogs will most likely attack them. If Vera gets chloroformed, you should be able to dispel with Adrenaline. Crystallize the Specialist and work on one of the Hounds. Keep the Specialist Crystallized and work on the other Hound. After that it is pretty easy. If you need to, take out Disrupt and put in another Adrenaline.

Android Guard (2), Secret Police: Crystallize one of the Android Guards and work on the Secret Police. After that, kill the other android guard and then the battle is yours.

The Mayor: This is kind of a let down boss for me. Disrupt the Canon if he ever gets above 25 focus, as he can unleash an attack that deals about 3.5k damage. The mayor isn't a threat until you take him down below 30k health. To ensure that, put Felicity on Relentless and kill the Canon. Then work on the Mayor. For his enraged state, just use Shadow Blend and Slash. If he doesn't dispell it, than use Crystallize to wait until Shadow Blend comes off Cooldown. After that he uses the team sacrifice, destroy damage, and destroy healing. Just beat him down until 10k health. Use disrupt to dispel retrogade. Then kill him.

Congratulations. Legend is yours!

Zone 6: II Sanctus, The Supreme Court

Train all party members until they are level 30. Then respec into a full speed bio build. Get the best speed gear possible. I would recommend getting the Azure flatblade and Azure knife. Your abilities should look like this:

Crystallize 3/3, Corrosion 4/4, Withdraw 4/4, Savagery 4/4, Predator Form, Agile Exposure 3/3, Toxicant Form, Subversion, Shadow Blend 4/4, Evolution 3/3.

Your ability bar should look like this: Corrosion, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, Crystallize, Withdraw, Leading Strike

Metal Warden. Jailbreak is easy. Just have vera as a teammate and use the combo: Corrosion, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, Withdraw.

The Bomb: Take out Crystallize and add in Agile Exposure. Use the combo for the first part, then constantly use agile exposure until Withdraw comes back up.Use Leading Strike until you reach 100 focus and use the combo again without Predator form.

Nostalgia: To get old ghosts, you need to go without teammates. Just use the combo. Equip the mending beacon instead of the flatblade for more health. Should be easy enough.

The Judge: Put your teammates back on. Give yourself the Flatblade and give the mending beacon back to Vera. C-C-C-Combo!

Zone 7: Sho'Tul Shelf: The Divided Cliff

Give yourself the Velocious set and start off. If you still have the money, give Felicity the Velocious Armor and then the Furious set. You get the best armor for Roald and Vera here.

Doctor Klima. He uses a major heal the third turn then every 6th turn after. Take out Toxicant form and Predator Form, and put in Subversion and Another Crystallize. Again, pretty easy. He gives you the best armor for Vera.

Twin Guardians: These guys strike fear in the hearts of Hydraulic players. As for Bio and Psychological, not so much. Take out Toxicant Form and put in another Crystallize. Crystallize the bottom Guardian first (since he deals the most damage) and use the combo on the top guardian. Once he is dead, crystallize the bottom Guardian until Predator Form comes back up again. Don't worry if Crystallize is still on him by the time your combo is ready, Withdraw dispels Crystallize. Easy.

Yosuke: Another easy battle. Put back Toxicant Form and use the Combo

The Corrupter: Go solo on this one because your teammates will attack the orbs and she will go gung-ho on your ***. Just use the combo and you now have OVER THE ASHES!!!!

This is my first guide, so if you have any comments on how I could improve, or any ideas on how this guide could be improved, please comment below. Thanks!

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