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Hi Armor Games I will tell you how to beat Glitch Lab to the best of my ability's.

ControlsSpace,A,S,and the Up key or Space,Left,and Right ,and Up arrow keys. you use Space to jump, A,and S or Left and Right arrow keys to move,and Up to activate switches and to go in doors.

Level 0(ish) You just walk to the door and go in

Level 1 You jump over the lasers and use up to activate the switch by the second laser and walk all the way to the last sign. You will see that the text stays up you have to go away from under it and jump on it then jump to the door.

Level 2 You just jump from platform to platform utill you reach the middle you then go to the sign that is towards the bottom right you then go back to the top then to the door.

Level 3 You will jump down by the lasers but on the middle platform. you will need to jump to your right and try to land on any platform to the right continue to go right until you reach the end you will jump up the platforms until you reach the top longish platform you then go in the door.

Level 4 You jump to where the switch is (yes I know there isn't a block there). You will activate the switch then go from the longish platform to where a sign is standing continue to go from sign to sign until you reach the platforms to go up. Go up them. Go onto the platform making lasers. Jump to where there are no lasers jump to next area then jump to the visible platform making lasers. Then jump to the floating door and go in.

Level 5 You just run to the door you will die except you won't, you will still be able to move, you will move to where the door is then go in.

Level 6 You must first die once then as your pressing Space to respawn you have to hold your D or Right button because when you respawn you have a limited amount of time to run through the laser in the ground to get to the door.

Level 7 You have to run to the blue area to your right then right before you go under the blue platform by the diamond shaped coin thing you press space to get on top of it. You then run back to the red area although do not go back to the first layer/floor. You now go on top of the blue thing by the sign and hit Space to get to the top layer/floor you then run to the door.

Level 8 You should wait until all the other characters leave you then run down the layers to the door and go in. (tip you can distinguish your self by the fact your in front of every body or on top or to their side.)

Level 9 (My personal favorite) You must die as many time as you can because your spawn point will go down and you will spawn on the same layer as the door you will find it to your right.

Level 10 You just go back in the door you came from.

Level 12 You just jump from platform to platform to get to the door

Level 13 You go to your right until you reach the second platform you then jump to your left until you reach the wall try to stay on the platforms you then hop up to the door and go in.

Level 14 You go to your right while avoiding the lasers you then go down through the hole to the door you go in.

Level 15 You jump off of the platform and wait. When you get to a screen that is blue hit almost any button...

Enjoy I hope my walkthrough of Glitch Lab was helpful!

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